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Meet B&R

B&R Consulting, LLC is a family owned firm established in Dubuque, IA. The co-founders and owners are Stacy Beyer Raap and Ryan Beyer. Both Stacy and Ryan were born and raised in Dubuque. As partners, they have strong values and high integrity. Their passion to serve others is unmatchable and integrity is at the forefront of everything they do and all those they help. They were raised in a home where their parents taught them what it meant to work hard, do the right thing and always show love and compassion towards others. It is those principles that guide their business practices at B&R. Collectively, Stacy & Ryan have over 20 years of experience across several industries.

What makes B&R different...

We're a small family owned organization that works one-on-one with individuals, their families and enrollment firms. We don't measure success by how big our organization is or how many clients we have. We measure success by the quality relationships we develop, the needs we meet and the support we provide. Our goal is to ensure our clients have an exceptional experience from day one and that they are protected from financial burden. 

Stacy Raap

Stacy lives in Dubuque, IA with her husband, Brian and their 3 children, Jordan, Karson and Landon. They have 2 goldendoodle puppies and love making memories camping, fishing, boating and spending lots of quality time with family. She says: "I began my professional career in law right out of college and then ventured into insurance. I spent many years learning and mastering the insurance industry and then went into higher education for over 10 years. While education was rewarding and fun, I found myself back in the insurance industry helping others navigate the complexities of the business. Consulting with clients about insurance truly makes me feel like I am fulfilling my purpose."


Stacy is passionate about helping others and will always put the focus on what is right for the client above anything else. 

Ryan Beyer

Ryan lives in Peoria, IL with his 3 wonderful boys that keep him motivated and grounded. Together, they enjoy hiking, boating, camping and exploring new places. Ryan says: "While I've had the pleasure of doing the things I love, it wasn't easy. I've worked countless hours in several different industries over the last 20 years which include: sales, management and customer relations from companies such as Verizon Wireless, Tradehome Shoes, United Rentals, Ricoh USA and Southwestern Advantage. I made the transition to insurance last year and it's giving me the most rewarding experiences ever!" 


Ryan has a strong desire to help others, no matter the amount of time or effort it takes. 

What is Life Insurance?

There are many types of life insurance but it is important to know what type of life insurance is appropriate for the goals and needs of a client. Essentially, life insurance provides financial protection for an individual and/or their family. 

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